One Tweet is Worth 1,000….Trades?

I had an interesting article passed along to me a couple of weeks ago and it’s only become more relevant since: Discount Brokerages to Donald Trump: Keep Tweeting There are a couple lessons here that we can address: This is actually good insight into how markets process information, and This is further insight into why we should decline Continue Reading

Take a Deep Breath, The Election is Almost Over

With less than two weeks to go until November 8th, election anxiety is a real thing for many Americans. For those of you affected I can't necessarily relieve all of your stress, but I do feel qualified to at least calm you down as regards your investments and long-term plan. In fact, you heard it from me several months ago here: "U.S. politics Continue Reading

Revisiting Eight Principles to Focus On

Without looking, see if you can answer the following question: What is the year-to-date return on the S&P 500? -18.95% -12.37% -5.44% +0.15% Pat yourself on the back if you answered number four. That’s right—the S&P 500 is actually positive for the year after being down over 10% through the first six weeks of the year. Since Continue Reading

Average isn’t Normal

Given the bumpy—albeit well within historical norms—start to the year for the stock market, I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit an old concept I love: Average isn’t Normal! If we take the returns of an all-stock global portfolio going back to the beginning of 1928, we find that the long-term AVERAGE return is around 11%. Presented below Continue Reading

You’re Flat-Lining Right Now…And That’s a Good Thing

I was walking through a long-term growth chart with a client the other day in an effort to show that even major market turmoil shows up as blips when you take the long-run view. You’re probably all familiar with charts like these. Here’s one that shows a global portfolio over the last 45 years starting in 1970: Obviously there are a lot of Continue Reading