Yes, Dad, You Did Actually Teach Me A Few Things

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, I thought I’d relay some lessons my father has taught me (consciously or not) throughout the years. Don’t spend more than you earn. This seems obvious, but evidence says many of us forget this. It’s hard to not take advantage of easy credit when you know the minimum payment will be easy to make, but Continue Reading

Giving Thanks

Note: For Thanksgiving, I thought I'd revisit something I put together years ago, So in that spirit, I’m thankful for... Having access to the greatest wealth creator in history—the long-term power of the stock market Knowing that access to such a tool is relatively easy The rise of indexing and the rise of fee-only financial advisors. Continue Reading

My Son is Making Me Think About Things Again

My mind has been focused on big ideas lately and like most things these days it’s my kid’s fault. I’m sad to say all the clichés are true about raising a child; they change your life, a child’s love is like no other, blah, blah, blah, etc. I’m not a super sentimental guy—or at least I wasn’t—so it’s tough to realize all those sappy photo frames at Continue Reading

The Curse of English as a Native Language

As humans, we suffer from current moment bias. We find it difficult to imagine the future and to alter our expectations and behaviors accordingly. We would rather experience pleasure now and leave pain for later. This translates into our tendency to overspend and not save money.  As English speakers, the way we speak about time may further augment Continue Reading

Sale! Sale! Sale!

We’ve discussed the power of time here before—how it’s your most valuable asset, how it’s slowly diminishing, etc.—but I realize it can still be a hard concept to grasp. Our brains are not wired for long-term thinking. After all, our ancestors probably weren’t thinking much about what they would do in “retirement” when they were focused on catching Continue Reading