Choose Your Own Resolution

Happy 2017! I’ve always been leery of New Year’s Resolutions—I say if you want to make a resolution to better yourself or your situation in some way, just start immediately. Nevertheless, we’ve always enjoyed marking arbitrary points in time as a society, so in that spirit I will have the same generic resolution I have every year: I resolve to Continue Reading

Giving Thanks

Note: For Thanksgiving, I thought I'd revisit something I put together years ago, So in that spirit, I’m thankful for... Having access to the greatest wealth creator in history—the long-term power of the stock market Knowing that access to such a tool is relatively easy The rise of indexing and the rise of fee-only financial advisors. Continue Reading

Back to Basics

At the end of the day, financial advice is pretty simple. We just struggle to follow it. So I’d like to remind you of some old school money mantras that I came across in a recent LearnVest article that have withstood the test of time: Pay Yourself First – Be purposeful with your money and invest in your future. Make sure you set aside money Continue Reading

I’m Running Out of Time to Use My Child as an Excuse

My kid is approaching his first birthday which means that my (weak) excuses for not working out and eating poorly are starting to run thin. He’s in a comfortable routine now (including bypassing the pile of toys each day to play with the dog leashes/empty cups/shutters), which means it’s time for me to get back into a healthier routine. Of course, Continue Reading

The Curse of English as a Native Language

As humans, we suffer from current moment bias. We find it difficult to imagine the future and to alter our expectations and behaviors accordingly. We would rather experience pleasure now and leave pain for later. This translates into our tendency to overspend and not save money.  As English speakers, the way we speak about time may further augment Continue Reading