The Age-Old Question

By: Lori Booth-Houle, CPA, CFP® “Age is not a particularly interesting subject.  Anyone can get old.  All you have to do is live long enough.” – Groucho Marx How much time do we each have to live?  As planners, the reaction we get from clients if we do a retirement cash flow analysis and project out to the client’s age 95 is generally Continue Reading

Elf-Spotting, Gaudy Rings, and Fiduciaries

I’ve written about the progress of the new Department of Labor Fiduciary rule many times, here, here, and most recently here…wait, where are you going? Don’t leave yet, I promise this is worth your time because someone more talented than me is speaking on the topic. I’ve attempted to make an argument about government regulation at least Continue Reading

Super Savers

During Discovery Meetings with potential clients, one of the questions I always ask is “what does retirement look like for you?” With young adults, I often get a perplexed look because retirement feels so far in the future that it’s hard to imagine. But it isn’t necessarily that far in the future. There is a growing movement of young retirees Continue Reading