Further diving into Buffetts Bet

Last week, I included an update on Buffett’s Big Bet in my round-up of links. As a reminder, Warren Buffett bet Ted Seides of Protégé Partners $1 million that the S&P 500 would outperform a group of hedge funds over a ten year period. It’s been seven years since the bet and the S&P 500 has done about three times as well as the hedge funds. Continue Reading

Are we looking at risk the right way?

The financial industry does a poor job of properly defining risk.  For example, you've probably seen standard deviation as a proxy for risk when looking at past performance of a portfolio, but what exactly does that mean? Even if you’re able to recall what you learned in that sophomore year statistics class, you’re still probably at a loss for how Continue Reading

The most non-news piece of news yet and what if means for you

It was a big week for me as I came across an article that might have jumped to the top of my “favorite local news stories of all time” list. I mean, I’ve seen some pretty terrific (read: terrible) market headlines in my day, but good golly: “Some people nervous after stock market drop”. That’s the most non-news thing to hit a news channel in quite Continue Reading

No Market Timing is Good Market Timing

Robert Shiller had some comments this week that are summed up here. For those who are unfamiliar, Shiller won a Nobel Prize last year alongside Eugene Fama which was interesting for the following reason: Fama’s research (which this blog’s investment philosophy is primarily based on), basically shows that stock price movements cannot be predicted Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday – Be Confident in your Financial Future

Five years ago, I felt pretty tech savvy and “in the know” as regards what was trending online—not so much anymore. Anyway, I’m still active enough to have noticed a “Throw Back Thursday” trend where people post older pictures of themselves. In that spirit, I’m posting a “Throw Back Thursday” article this week that I wrote several years ago for Continue Reading