One Tweet is Worth 1,000….Trades?

I had an interesting article passed along to me a couple of weeks ago and it’s only become more relevant since: Discount Brokerages to Donald Trump: Keep Tweeting There are a couple lessons here that we can address: This is actually good insight into how markets process information, and This is further insight into why we should decline Continue Reading

Take a Deep Breath, The Election is Almost Over

With less than two weeks to go until November 8th, election anxiety is a real thing for many Americans. For those of you affected I can't necessarily relieve all of your stress, but I do feel qualified to at least calm you down as regards your investments and long-term plan. In fact, you heard it from me several months ago here: "U.S. politics Continue Reading

Election Fever….Seriously, I Think This Election is Giving Me a Fever

Election season is in full swing, and boy is it exciting! Wait, check that. Let’s replace “exciting” with “blah” and the exclamation point with a sad face emoji. That seems better. It’s unfortunate that every four years the slog of a presidential election seems to bring more negativity into the public discourse. Even more unfortunate for this Continue Reading