Don’t Be Trapped By Pessimism

When you decide to invest, you are committing to being a long-term optimist. You understand that you will not be able to achieve your long-term goals without being in the market so you agree to take on risk in order to achieve reasonable returns over time to help you meet your goals. You understand that you are investing in time horizons over 5, Continue Reading

Election Fever….Seriously, I Think This Election is Giving Me a Fever

Election season is in full swing, and boy is it exciting! Wait, check that. Let’s replace “exciting” with “blah” and the exclamation point with a sad face emoji. That seems better. It’s unfortunate that every four years the slog of a presidential election seems to bring more negativity into the public discourse. Even more unfortunate for this Continue Reading

A Quick Brexplanation

I was thinking about the vote on whether or not Britain would leave the EU last night and decided to write down some predictions. You may notice a few similarities. If Britain votes to stay in the EU: There will likely be some market volatility. It could be significantly up or down or both in the same day. This is the result of short-term Continue Reading

What Can Current Trends Tell Us About the Future? Not Much

It’s June here in the desert which means the heat is rapidly approaching. In fact, our May was so mild compared to usual that it was almost as if the heat hit the snooze button. No matter—it’s awake now and making up for lost time. Tuesday this week was 92 degrees, followed by 95 degrees on Wednesday. Today is expected to reach 103 degrees…Friday Continue Reading

Links for the Week–How our biases hurt us, Why market “gurus” are just con men, and some satire

For this job, I’m required to read a lot of industry material and know what’s going on. Consequently, this will be the direct cause of my going crazy 20 years from now when I mutter Jim Cramer’s name over and over while slamming my head into a wall. My coping mechanism so far has been to make fun of some of these “advice” articles here on this blog Continue Reading