Back to Basics

At the end of the day, financial advice is pretty simple. We just struggle to follow it. So I’d like to remind you of some old school money mantras that I came across in a recent LearnVest article that have withstood the test of time: Pay Yourself First – Be purposeful with your money and invest in your future. Make sure you set aside money Continue Reading

Election Fever….Seriously, I Think This Election is Giving Me a Fever

Election season is in full swing, and boy is it exciting! Wait, check that. Let’s replace “exciting” with “blah” and the exclamation point with a sad face emoji. That seems better. It’s unfortunate that every four years the slog of a presidential election seems to bring more negativity into the public discourse. Even more unfortunate for this Continue Reading

Revisiting Eight Principles to Focus On

Without looking, see if you can answer the following question: What is the year-to-date return on the S&P 500? -18.95% -12.37% -5.44% +0.15% Pat yourself on the back if you answered number four. That’s right—the S&P 500 is actually positive for the year after being down over 10% through the first six weeks of the year. Since Continue Reading

Average isn’t Normal

Given the bumpy—albeit well within historical norms—start to the year for the stock market, I thought it would be worthwhile to revisit an old concept I love: Average isn’t Normal! If we take the returns of an all-stock global portfolio going back to the beginning of 1928, we find that the long-term AVERAGE return is around 11%. Presented below Continue Reading

The January Blues

January was a poor month for stock markets. U.S. stocks as measured by the S&P 500 were down almost 5% and there was no respite to be found globally as international markets had similar declines. Even those numbers don’t tell the entire story as all of the damage was done in the first two weeks. For what it’s worth, the S&P 500 had the Continue Reading