One Tweet is Worth 1,000….Trades?

I had an interesting article passed along to me a couple of weeks ago and it’s only become more relevant since: Discount Brokerages to Donald Trump: Keep Tweeting There are a couple lessons here that we can address: This is actually good insight into how markets process information, and This is further insight into why we should decline Continue Reading

Reviewing 2016 Predictions

It’s time once again for the Year in Review! In year’s past, I simply find the first article I can regarding 2016 predictions and see how finely tuned the crystal balls were, but as a special treat this time around I actually kept a copy of Fortune magazine’s “Investor’s Guide 2016” from December 2015. It’s been sitting in my desk for twelve months Continue Reading

Take a Deep Breath, The Election is Almost Over

With less than two weeks to go until November 8th, election anxiety is a real thing for many Americans. For those of you affected I can't necessarily relieve all of your stress, but I do feel qualified to at least calm you down as regards your investments and long-term plan. In fact, you heard it from me several months ago here: "U.S. politics Continue Reading

Back to Basics

At the end of the day, financial advice is pretty simple. We just struggle to follow it. So I’d like to remind you of some old school money mantras that I came across in a recent LearnVest article that have withstood the test of time: Pay Yourself First – Be purposeful with your money and invest in your future. Make sure you set aside money Continue Reading

Election Fever….Seriously, I Think This Election is Giving Me a Fever

Election season is in full swing, and boy is it exciting! Wait, check that. Let’s replace “exciting” with “blah” and the exclamation point with a sad face emoji. That seems better. It’s unfortunate that every four years the slog of a presidential election seems to bring more negativity into the public discourse. Even more unfortunate for this Continue Reading