Pinching Pennies, Finance Headscratchers, and the Wells Fargo Problem

I’ve had a few things building up in my inbox, so I wanted to pass them along this week. First, this was an interesting article on some behavioral finance that I thought related to my mindfulness post from a couple weeks ago: How To Pinch Pennies in the Right Places. “Another of Professor’s Azar’s papers summarizes the problem perfectly: ‘Do Continue Reading

Links for the Week–How our biases hurt us, Why market “gurus” are just con men, and some satire

For this job, I’m required to read a lot of industry material and know what’s going on. Consequently, this will be the direct cause of my going crazy 20 years from now when I mutter Jim Cramer’s name over and over while slamming my head into a wall. My coping mechanism so far has been to make fun of some of these “advice” articles here on this blog Continue Reading

From the “I wish I would have written that” file…

I sat down to write a calming piece this week as I often do during times when we’re bombarded by negative market headlines. Coincidentally, while thinking about what to say I was forwarded two articles that I would definitely file under the “I wish I would have written that” folder. So rather than hear it from me again, I’ll just pass both of those Continue Reading

Market Lessons Income Levels and Dilbert

My “Save for Later” file has been building up again, so it’s time for some links and thoughts this week. Here are Six Lessons from the Six Year Old Bull Market. I enjoyed all six lessons, but particularly the first three, which I will list here: Time in the market is far more important than timing the market Believing in new paradigms Continue Reading

Links for the week

I’ve been in and out of the office lately, so it’s time again for me to clean out my inbox with some relevant links for you all. First, it appears CalPERS (the California state pension fund) is making a greater shift to passive management: Do Nothing, Make Money. I’m always a bit torn about how to feel when I read about more people or Continue Reading