Cramer vs Cramer

Just when it was starting to seem like it had been too long since I last poked fun at Jim Cramer, along comes the following article: Jim Cramer loses big in this stock picking test. This is just the latest in a long string of “bets” where others tracked Cramer’s advice and found it to be unimpressive. If anything, I’m always a bit surprised in Continue Reading


The engine that leads you to financial success just went on sale! If you’re a reader of this blog, it’s likely that you expect to save more money over the rest of your working life than you currently have invested. Thus, it’s easy to make an argument that lower prices while you are a net buyer now are a boost to your plan despite how you may feel Continue Reading

A Fundamental Difference

The title “Brokers Are Trusted Less Than Uber Drivers, Survey Finds” caught my attention as I was reading the Wall Street Journal yesterday. At first, I was surprised by the claim considering the widely publicized lack of background checks undergone by Uber drivers. But then bearing in mind my frequent (and positive) use of Uber and my knowledge of Continue Reading

The Hierarchy of Investor Needs

While Sam is out on paternity leave we hope you will enjoy this Tumblr post written by Morgan Housel. One summer in college I interned at an investment bank. It was the worst job I ever had. A co-worker and I survived our days by bonding over a mutual interest in the stock market. My co-worker was brilliant. Scary brilliant. The kind of Continue Reading

Kevin Spacey is Lying to You

There’s a new commercial out about a guy in an airport who notices a long line at the health food restaurant and no line at the fast food restaurant. This commercial is dumb. “Looking below the surface, researching a hunch, and making a decision,” says Kevin Spacey (As an aside, I feel like E*Trade probably could have saved some bucks here and Continue Reading