When No is a Positive

There’s a battle raging in my household right now about which word my two-year old son will say more often through 2017: No or Mine. “No” was the clear leader for the first few months of the year, but “mine” is making an epic comeback as my son claims possession of nearly everything (his bottle, his cousin’s bottle, my phone, our dachsund’s ears, Continue Reading

Pinching Pennies, Finance Headscratchers, and the Wells Fargo Problem

I’ve had a few things building up in my inbox, so I wanted to pass them along this week. First, this was an interesting article on some behavioral finance that I thought related to my mindfulness post from a couple weeks ago: How To Pinch Pennies in the Right Places. “Another of Professor’s Azar’s papers summarizes the problem perfectly: ‘Do Continue Reading

Elf-Spotting, Gaudy Rings, and Fiduciaries

I’ve written about the progress of the new Department of Labor Fiduciary rule many times, here, here, and most recently here…wait, where are you going? Don’t leave yet, I promise this is worth your time because someone more talented than me is speaking on the topic. I’ve attempted to make an argument about government regulation at least Continue Reading

How Game of Thrones Explains the Stock Market

Okay, that headline was a cheap trick to get you to click on this, but would you have really clicked on something called “Department of Labor issues new Fiduciary rule”? It may sound boring, but it’s important. Sorry not sorry. Last month, the Department of Labor released its final rule regarding the fiduciary standard that it had been debating Continue Reading