Giving Thanks

Note: For Thanksgiving, I thought I’d revisit something I put together years ago,

So in that spirit, I’m thankful for…

  • Having access to the greatest wealth creator in history—the long-term power of the stock market
  • Knowing that access to such a tool is relatively easy
  • The rise of indexing and the rise of fee-only financial advisors. The more people who have access to a good investment experience and conflict-free advice, the better.
  • The Money Mustache blog—I’ve linked to this before as I think it has some great advice told in a very unique voice. Personally, I end up stumbling back on to it every several months when I need to center myself regarding my own finances. It’s so easy to get caught up in a cycle of spending without thinking, especially this time of year! When you get shocked by a bank statement, it’s nice to realize that most of the battle is simply taking the time to organize and prioritize your spending. I would never tell someone to not spend money on what makes them most happy, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves what those things are.
  • Clichéd blog gimmicks—like a list of things you’re thankful for during Thanksgiving week, for example. They really help with writer’s block on a holiday shortened week.
  • Being part of a generation that has more access to good planning information than ever before. Previous generations lived it and now we get to learn from their mistakes and successes.
  • Having two assets that even Warren Buffet would be jealous of—time and human capital
  • Being able to make a difference.
  • Knowing that my long-term financial success is entirely in my control. There are countless variables outside of my control that can significantly affect my plan, of course, but it’s completely in my control to react appropriately and make adjustments to the things that matter most: what am I saving, when do I retire, how much do I spend.

Finally, I’m thankful for being able to experience this long-term journey to financial success with my peers. Whether you’re a client or just a casual reader of this blog, I’m extremely grateful for being able to hear your personal stories and watch you make progress towards your own goals. Nothing makes me happier in this job than seeing people achieve what they set out for and I look forward to traveling alongside you on this journey. Happy Thanksgiving!