What is the process once I submit my information?
We provide a very comprehensive and efficient two meeting process, once we receive your get started information we will contact you to schedule a convenient date and time for our first meeting. Because we believe that everyone should have access to sound financial planning, we go through this process with no cost to you and without any commitment.

How much does the program cost?
The fee structure is simple—1% annually of your assets under management.  This is the same fee schedule that our traditional clients pay.

Is there a criteria of eligibility for the ASPIRE program?
Yes, you’re likely to be under age 45 and have the ability to make significant contributions towards your savings. This includes participation in employer sponsored accounts like a 401k, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, etc. In addition, you would not have any serious consumer debt such as big credit card balances. Most importantly, you are responsive to consistent meetings and have a real commitment to financial success.

If I’m not accepted, can I join the program later?
Absolutely! Just because where you are currently in your financial life does not allow the ASPIRE program to most effectively serve you today, we would love to talk to you again once your situation warrants it. In fact, we have prepared a subsequent plan for those who do not yet meet the savings requirement but are still interested in receiving education and advice as needed.

We are also looking for other solutions when TCI is not the best fit yet. For example, we work with a great professional whose business is budgeting & credit issues. Sometimes that needs to be a first step in a long-term financial plan.

What educational material will I receive from the ASPIRE program?
You will receive a variety of educational materials designed specifically for you as a member of the ASPIRE program such as newsletters, podcasts, blog posts and e-mail updates with articles of interest. In addition you will be added to the TCI Wealth Advisors mailing list so you will have access to the newsletters and webinars that current TCI clients receive.

However, one of the most instrumental pieces of the ASPIRE program is the educational curriculum that has been written specifically for program participants. You will start to receive these pieces on a bi-monthly basis and will do so for the first three years of our relationship. This curriculum is aimed at educating you on what you really need to know when it comes to financial planning.

Are there any hidden fees or charges should I leave the program?
Absolutely not. The ASPIRE program is built on the same principle that our traditional business is. The only thing keeping you as a client is your ongoing satisfaction. There won’t be surprises, as transparency is paramount.